1. What is the Alien Run Mountain Bike Competition?
    (A) Nothing by total Fun!!!
2. When and where is the Alien Run Mountain Bike Competition? 
(A) The Annual Alien Run Mountain Bike competition normally hosted first Sunday of May.
Where will events happen?
    (A) All events will start in Aztec. The Mountain Bike Competition will offer something fun for everyone in the family.
4. Where is Aztec, NM?
    (A) Aztec, New Mexico is located in the spectacular Four Corners Area, where New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, and Arizona meet. The town lies 180 miles northwest of Albuquerque and 300 miles southwest of Denver. Good two and four-lane roads connect Aztec and Albuquerque, air service is available into nearby Farmington, NM and Durango, CO, and there are hundreds of hotel rooms within thirty minutes of Aztec. (See "Where to Stay" below.)
5. What else of interest is near Aztec?
    (A) We are 15 miles from the Quality Fishing Waters of the San Juan River, 30 miles from Durango, CO, 40 miles from Chaco Canyon National Cultural Monument, and 45 miles from Mesa Verde National Park. Surrounded on three sides by Indian reservations--Navajo, Ute, and Apache--Aztec sits at the heart of "Indian Country". The environs are colorful and spectacular, sandstone mesas overshadow lush river valleys, snowy peaks of the San Juan mountains shimmer in the north, unique badlands of the Bisti Wilderness lie to the south, and heading west you cross the Navajo reservation passing Shiprock on the way to famous Monument Valley.
6. Where can we stay?
   (A) The Four Corners is one of the greatest travel destinations in the U.S., so we have every kind of facility to offer, from 4-Star resorts, famous-chain hotels, fine B&B's, cozy motels, RV parks, and National Forest campgrounds.  We also have a fine of the local golf course in the state.