Course Maps

Beginner Course- 10 Miles - 2.6 mi. gravel ride,enter Alien Course riding back to trail head then turn back out for 6.6 mile inner loop.

Sport Course - 15 miles - Same gravel ride start, enter alien run course riding to trail head then turning back out to riding course out on outer limits, turn on to oil field road catching return path of outerlimits to alien course back to trail head to finish.

Expert Course - 33 miles - Same gravel ride start, enter alien run return path to trail head, turning back out to ride the regular Alien Run loop 9.6 miles, lap at trail head back out to Alien Run continuing on trail out to the Outer Limits transition to newly rehabbed Area 51 segment back to Outer Limits return path moving on to Alien Run return path to trail head for finish.