Mountain Bike Rules

1. All race numbers must be clearly visible
2. All bikers must wear an ANSI or SNELL approved helmet during event.
3. No help or outside support is allowed.
4. There will be no following or leading any biker in a motorized vehicle.
5. Race officials will have authority to “assist” racers deemed to be in physical distress.
6. Bicycle course is not a completely closed course! You are responsible exercising caution, good judgment, obeying all traffic laws, and following directions of race officials at all times.
7. Bikers will not stop for any reason on the course, but will pull off well to the side if stopping is necessary.
8. Bikers will not crowd, run into, run over, fly over or use other bikers for traction in sharp corners or on steep hills.
9. Bikers will not ride recklessly or in any manner endanger the safety of themselves or other bikers or spectators at any time.